Loretta Dailey

Loretta Page Daily after she lost 80 poinds

Have you ever felt like you were a prisoner in your own body? I did! If you can relate to any of these things you will probably know pretty well how I felt as I tell you my story.

Have you lost weight only to gain it back again?
Have you ever felt hopeless that you would ever be able to lose weight because you have tried so many times before and failed?
Have you felt like you are too busy and you need a way to lose weight that is simple and healthy?
Would it be a relief if you could just live your life at a healthy weight and not think about food ALL the time?
Have you ever felt like being overweight is negatively affecting all the other areas of your life?

My freedom had been taken away from me by a huge and evil monster…. The Food Industry. The food industry has been going out of its way to make food addicting by tweaking ratios of Salt, Sugar and Fat to hook consumers in the same way the cigarette industry hooked smokers on nicotine not to mention the marketing campaigns they use against us and yup you guessed it I was hooked!

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