Felicia before and after A few months ago, I was ready to make a commitment to real change. I had enough of not feeling good about myself anymore. Due to some major life events, a sedentary desk job, decrease in exercise due to an injury and hitting a certain age, I started to steadily gain weight. I was so tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and so I began a journey to just “lose some weight.” Click to read more of Felicia's story:  show


Misti before and after picture Last year, I reached my highest weight ever and was also diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t want to even look at myself in the mirror. I was miserable- ashamed of myself, discouraged by the weight gain and I was depressed. I felt even worse when I started taking the diabetes meds. In August 2017, I began trying to lose weight on my own- but it wasn’t working for me. Click to read more of Misti's story: show



Tami before and after weight lossI lost 100 lbs & have never felt better in her entire life!! I was feeling so embarrassed of my body, didn’t want to be in photos much less shop for clothes, my hands were tingly, obese was written on my medical chart, short of breath, I hated the way my size 3x clothes fitted, & was severely fatigued on a daily basis. Click to Read more of Tami's Story:  show


Dawn before and after pictureDawn is a Grandmother! She is a Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner as well as a Neonatal Pediatric Specialist! She lives a very busy life. She works as a Supervisor at the #1 Trauma Center in Boston for the Respiratory Care Department as well as educates in the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units and she loves her job!!! She has struggled with weight since high school and college. Click to read more of Dawn's story:  show


before and after of JamilLost 30lbs in 5 1/2 weeks and kept off for 5 years by following our program. He was an ex-scholarship college football athlete who after graduating started working 10+ hour days and packed on the pounds. Click to Read more of Jamil's Story: show            


Eric before and after picture4.5 months ago Eric was 281 lbs, on blood sugar medication, on cholesterol meds and three different blood pressure medications. The doctor was warning of diabetes and oncoming heart issues. Click to Read more of Eric's Story:  show


Anica Before and afterLost 70 pounds in just 5.5 months and has kept it off for over 7 months! Before she found program, she was lifeless, worked endless hours in the medical field, tired all the time, pre-diabetic, had joint pain, angry and not the mother, wife or person she envisioned herself to be. Click to Read more of Anica's Story:  show  


Samantha before and afterSamantha tried all kinds of diets nothing seemed to work, she thought... is this how you are supposed to feel at 46 yrs old? If so then my life is over... She was Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired after gaining 30 pounds in over a year she was Depressed, was Pre Diabetic, High Blood Pressure, had Plantar Facetious in both feet, Suffered from Vertigo and had inflammation in both of her knees. She couldn't bend down to play with her granddaughter and She had enough. Started program Feb 26th and instantly felt relief from all of her issues. Click to Read more of Samantha's Story:  show


Tracie before and after13 weeks ago I was tired, unmotivated, and unhealthy. I had tried and failed with so many other diets over the years and was fed up with gaining all the weight back. My sleep was awful and I woke up feeling achy and tired. I had no motivation and didn’t enjoy life much. Then I found this program. Click to Read more of Tracie's Story:  show        


Lose weight like Nicole before and after I have always struggled with my weight growing up. I was a yo-yo dieter, and the older I got, the more weight I was putting on. After having 2 children, and my youngest being medically complex, I stopped taking care of myself and was focusing only on my children, but it started affecting my health. I had to do something, or I may not be here for years to come for my family. Click to Read more of Nicole's Story:  show


Davina before and afterDavina lost 63 pounds and 14.5 inches in 12 weeks. “It took me a while to do this because it required an extra amount of vulnerability from myself but one thing I’ve learned is you can’t slay goals until you face the fear of the goal. I’ve been in and out of fitness for many years, on and off many many diets for longer than I can remember. A few years ago I started having some health issues and I sunk into a pretty rough depression, most people that have known me would probably be surprised by that fact. I was smiling and laughing on the outside but on the inside I was dying. I was miserable and for a while I stopped fighting and the weight packed on. Click to Read more of Davina's Story: show    


Lose weight like Lisa  before and after picturesHas been battling her weight and getting in her own way for as long as she can remember. There had been times in her life where her mental and physical health had suffered. Last year, Lisa lost 35 pounds and felt like she could do ANYTHING! She stopped worrying about how her clothes fit and found that she didn’t need to tug at her clothes all the time. It was so freeing. Bigger yet was the fact that she was no longer depressed! This is a real thing for her! - She has suffered with depression her whole adult life. Click to read more of Lisa's story:  show


Before and after of Lura85 lbs down and loving life. It was always hard for me to stick to a diet. I'd lose a few pounds and then I'd lose interest. I felt pretty crappy all the time. I hurt all the time. I had sleep apnea so i didn't sleep well, so i was tired all the time. Going up stairs was not fun! Click to Read more of Lura's Story: show


Ashley before and afterAshley is a momma of 4 who was able to make herself a priority during one of the busiest seasons of her life. She started our nursing mother's program and lost 60 lbs in 6 months! She's been able to shake off the mental weight that she's carried around for so long.Click to read more of Ashley's story: show


Helen before and afterI have been healthy most of my life. However, after I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2002, I started slowly gaining weight. Four years ago, I was also diagnosed with thyroid and cholesterol issues and labeled pre-diabetic. I tried losing weight using diets, medication, exercise and a combination of all three – nothing worked. I finally gave up. Even though I told myself I accepted the fact that I was overweight, I wasn’t happy. I am normally a very outgoing person, but because I HATED the way I looked, I seldom left my house and when I did, I refused to have my picture taken. Click to Read more of Helen's Story:  show  



Missy before and afterI lost my dad to a heart attack when he was 55. This past year I turned 45 and it dawned on me how close I was to his age when he died. I want to be around for my kids and grandkids and great grandkids so I made the decision to get healthy and stay healthy! April 7, 2018 was the day I started and to date I am down 69lbs and am only 15lbs away from my goal weight!                


Jesse before and after“I found the picture on the left the other day and I’m still shocked that was me. I was overweight, had low energy, poor sleep and terrible knee and back pain. Dropping almost 100 pounds in a few months saved my life and doctor's years later I am able to live a life helping others feel what I feel!"        


Stephanie before and after “The FOUR pumpkins represent the amount in pounds I have forever lost on our program. On the left I was at my heaviest, miserable, HATED taking photos, felt hopeless, struggled with diabetes, couldn’t play with my kids without getting winded, the list goes on! Click to read more of Stephanie's story: show


Jesse before and afterThis is Christina’s Story: “Christina was an athlete through her school years and was in amazing shape, yet she still thought she was FAT. She always struggled with body image. Christina gained weight in nursing school and Yo-Yo’d for years, the birth of her twins and youngest daughter took a toll on her body. Through the years she tried intense exercise, calorie reduction, weight watchers, meal prepping....nothing worked long term. Click to read more of Christina 's story: show


Christine before and after Was exhausted all the time, she had plantar fasciitis in both feet which made standing barefoot impossible. She was taking medication for heartburn and acid reflux. Taking medication to sleep and still waking up tired. She was depressed and hated the way she felt in her own skin. She decided to try one more “diet” before resigning herself to this new reality. Click to read more of Christine's story: show


Michael before and after Lost 10 lbs in two weeks and has kept it off for months. He was depressed, with high blood pressure and even with working out 3x a week he still landed in the doctor's office for high cholesterol due to poor eating habits. Since joining this program he has developed better eating choices, lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol. The depression he faced with new friends and happy community.


Donald before and after using a health coach Did the program because he wanted to lose weight and feel better. He was tired of being a couch potato and his kids always bringing him Grumpy souvenirs from Disneyland. He realized he wasn’t giving his little girls the best of his life. Click to read more of Donald's story: show


Lisa before and after Before starting this program, Lisa was heavier than ever. (Even heavier than when she was pregnant.) She was frustrated that she couldn’t motivate herself to do what had worked in the past. She was embarrassed that none of her clothes fit, and she was desperate to try something different to get the weight off. Click to read more of Lisa's story: show


Jeff before and after Jeff saw how the unhealthy choices his parents and grandparents made lead to preventable disease and early death. He decided to get healthier, losing 45 pounds he did not even know he needed to lose and became a health coach with a life mission to help as many other people live healthier and happier for as long as possible. He wants to leave a legacy of breaking that cycle for his family, friends and as many who want to join him in his journey.


Kim before and after Kim was 52, menopausal, pre-diabetic, high bad cholesterol and the scale was going up, up and up. “My knees hurt, it was getting harder to cross my legs while sitting and I had zero energy! I was in denial about my situation. I made the choice to get healthy, dropped 35 pounds AND 30 inches!! I have kept the weight off, medically I’m so much better plus my energy is through the roof!”


Lynn before and after “At 19 years old I was diagnosed with an extremely low thyroid so I was put on medication which I have been on ever since. I have always struggled with weight. I did every diet, magic pill, shot, shake, and method out there. But the weight always crept back. When I retired and was no longer as active, I got to the point where I lost all hope and confidence. Click to read more of Lynn's story:  show


Dave before and after Dave's story is about as simple as it gets. He said he could go on and on about being tired. Not able to climb stairs. Not fitting into seats at restaurants Etc. These were all true statements but the one that really hit home came from his Daughter, Chloe: Dear Dad, Click to read more of Dave's story:  show


Kristen before and after "I felt stuck, and often dealt with those challenging emotions by comforting myself with food. I didn't realize that it was my thinking that needed the most adjusting! I wanted to move forward but didn't know how to do it without derailing myself along the way. Click to read more of Kristen's story:  show


Jennifer before and after What a difference a few months makes on this program? Around the time I took the picture on the left.... I was going to a chiropractor 2x a week for chronic neck pain, I was trying every, skincare product, concealer and makeup product out there to mask my adult acne, the dark circles, & bags under my eyes, I was either on a caffeine rush to stay awake, or on a little beer buzz to help me fall asleep at night, I was taking IB Profen like it was going out of style for all my joint pain, same with the TUMS for my heartburn & acid reflux. Click to read more of Jennifer's story:  show


Stan before and after Meet Stan...what an incredible man. Here is what he has to say, "Well I found this photo from 3 years ago when I was at my heaviest at 472lbs and now I am at 260lbs. This has been such an amazing journey for me and now I fit in a size 38 jean, from 58 to 38 in just 14 months. This is crazy! Still another 60-70lbs to go I think and because I am drinking so much water my skin is shrinking with me so I don't have a lot of loose skin. The miracle of drinking enough water is the secret to happy and healthy skin." So if you think that you have 10 pounds to lose, or 300, this program can indeed help you.